English Services
Sunday School @ 9:30 AM
Worship Service @ 10:30 AM
Evening Service @ 6:00 PM

Spanish Services
Sunday School @ 11:00 AM
Worship Service @ 12:30 AM

Evening Service @ 6:00 PM

Mid-Week Service @ 7:30 PM


The Trinity Baptist Church was organized on March 17, 1972, with thirty people making up its membership.  Over the next eleven years, under the leadership of several different pastors, the church grew and saw many come to know the Lord.

In September of 1986, Trinity Baptist Church called Dr. Bob Smith to be its pastor. Under the Spirit filled and dynamic preaching of Dr. Smith, the church began to see growth both spiritually and numerically, going from an attendance of 180, to high days of over 2,300. During the twenty-four years that Dr. Smith was pastor, more than one hundred and eighty young men and women surrendered to full-time Christian service. Also under Dr. Smithís leadership, Trinity Baptist Church established Trinity Baptist Bible College and Trinity Baptist Academy in the fall of 2000. Dr. Smith retired fromthe pastorate at Trinity Baptist Church on October 17, 2010 and is currently preaching revivals, Mission Conferences, Stewardship Conferences, and Bible Conferences across America.

Upon the retirement of Dr. Smith, Trinity Baptist Church called on Dr. Todd Lasseter to assume the pastorate. Before becoming the pastor, Dr. Lasseter had faithfully served as the associate pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, for over 20 years. Under Dr. Lasseterís preaching and leadership, Trinity Baptist Church has continued to grow and flourish. Dynamic soulwinning ministries, bus ministries, teen ministries, childrenís ministries, and adult ministries all work together to make Trinity Baptist one of the most vibrant, exciting churches in the Metroplex!

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