June 10-14, 2019

Phil Cavanaugh

Co-Pastor of Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, Illinois

When is camp this year?

  • June 10-14, 2019 (Monday - Friday)
  • Registration begins at noon on Monday

Who is camp for?
  • Short answer...teens
  • Long answer...teenagers
  • Super long answer...if you are going into 7th grade this fall or if you just graduated from high school this spring or if you fall somewhere in between these two extremes, this week is for you!

Where is the camp?

  • Lake Texoma Baptist Camp and Conference Center
  • 28613 Preston Bend Road, Pottsboro, Texas 75076.

How much does it cost?

  • $150 for every camper and counselor
    • Pastors of churches who regularly support Lake Texoma Baptist Camp may attend for free!
    • One counselor may attend for free with every 10 campers from your church
  • Price for non-campers
    • $150 for kids 9-11 years old.
    • $50 for children 3-8 years old.

What type of awards could I win?

  • MEMORY VERSE MASTER -  Earns the most scripture memory points 
  • PRINCE OF PREACHERS  - Have the highest overall average in the preaching contest
  • GOODEST YOUTH GROUP - Youth group with the best spirit and involvement
  • I’ll DO IT - Volunteering to be helpful         
  • HAPPY CAMPER - Maintains an optimistic and encouraging spirit
  • CAMP COMEDIAN - Makes other’s laugh (at the appropriate times)
  • COMPASSIONATE CAMPER - Helps other campers throughout the week
  • CHEER LEADER   Cheered teammates on and motivating others Counselor vote

Teens from all different churches come together to form the Camp Choir. Daily rehearsals with Dr. Sam Reed, singing in the evening services and going to the front of the line at dinner are just a few of the perks!

Super Simple Registration

  1. Give us a call and let us know you're planning on coming and inform us of approximately how many campers you will be bringing.
    • Trinity Baptist Church - 817.460.7940 ext. 107
  2. Download the forms
    • Distribute them to those attending camp (youth -17 and under; adult -18+)
    • Collect registration fees and completed forms
    • Turn everything in at registration Monday
  3. There is nothing else...just threw this in because a list of two seemed too short!

Registration Forms


Extra info for adults
Texoma Baptist Youth Camp will conduct state required background checks on all adults (18+) attending this camp week. Additionally, every adult must provide a certificate stating that they have completed a state approved child abuse prevention course within the past 2 years.  Texoma Baptist Youth Camp will provide this course at registration for adults who do not have a certificate upon arrival.



  • Campers are expected to follow the spirit of each rule - looking for a way to “get around” rules is just as rebellious as outright disobeying them.
  • All counselors and camp personnel will be obeyed exactly, promptly and with a good spirit.
  • No touching will be allowed between guys and girls.
  • Guys and girls are never permitted in the bunkhouse of the opposite gender.
  • Separate swimming will be maintained for guys and girls.  Spectators of the opposite gender will not be allowed at the pool or loitering near the modesty fence.
  • There will be no practical jokes or disorderly conduct on the campgrounds at any time, to include defacement of camp or campers’ property.  Any person responsible for such misconduct will be held financially responsible.

  • No electronic item (i.e. phones, tablets, laptops) will be permitted on the camp grounds. This includes in the bus or van.
  • No weapons are allowed on camp property.


Guys Dress Code

  • General -  No jewelry, skinny jeans, shorts, saggy pants, sweat pants or sleeveless shirts nor any article of clothing with worldly slogans or advertisements will be permitted.
  • Services - A collared shirt (tucked in)  should be worn to evening services. Jeans in good condition (not frayed, ripped or stained) are permitted.
  • Swimming - Shorts that cover the thigh and sleeveless shirts are permitted for swimming.
  • Haircut - Guys hair should be cut so that it is above the top of the ears and off the collar.

Girls Dress Code

  • General - No shorts, sleeveless tops, miniskirts, skorts, pants or capris, nor any article of clothing with worldly slogans or advertisements will be permitted.  All clothing must be modest - *knee length, loose-fitting, and not low.

Skirt-style culottes are permitted for activities. These are culottes designed in such a way as to be distinctly different from pants or shorts. There are two ways for this to be achieved: with pleats or with an additional apron of fabric that wraps around both the front AND the back to cover between the legs. Only these types of culottes will be permitted. *A knee length dress, skirt or culottes means that the length of the skirt covers bottom of the knee while seated.  The top of the slit is considered the length of the skirt. Any article of clothing, skirt or top that is form fitting or see-through is considered revealing clothing and is inappropriate.  If it is questionable, it is too tight and should be left at home. Any top measuring in excess of three finger widths from the collar bone to where the shirt begins is considered “too low”.  Lace does not constitute the top of the shirt.
  • Service - Modest skirts and dresses should be worn to evening services.  Jean skirts in good condition (not frayed, ripped, or stained) are permitted.

  • Swimming - Shorts that cover the thigh and sleeveless shirts are permitted for swimming. Modest swimming suits that completely cover the stomach and back are permitted as tops for swimming.


This list is not exhaustive and can be amended at the discretion of camp counselors and personnel.

Failure to comply with camp rules or personnel will result in being sent home at the camper’s expense.

receptionist@tbctexas.org |  Phone: (817) 460-7940 | 2212 N Davis Drive, Arlington, TX 76012